Haewoosim (Psyllium Husk)

Solve your Constipation with effervescent psyllium husk powder.


Garcinia cambogia+VitaminC effervescent tablet, Do diet with

Daily Vita1000

VitaminC Effervescent tablet! One tablet has 1000mg of VitaminC!!

MATE Extract Powder 50 sticks

Yerba Mate Argentina the world’s third-balance! Enjoy easy anytime, anywhere, regardless of cold water, hot water packaged in easy-to-use stick! Mate extract powder 100% !!

Green Tea Extract Powder 50 Sticks

World 3 Balance tea! 100% green tea extract powder! Enjoy easy anytime, anywhere, regardless of cold water and hot water with a stick packaging!

Diet Shake (Cookie&Cream, Strawberry Yogurt)

Diet does not starve !! Balanced nutrition! Delicious diet !! Constitutional improved diet!!

Green Coffee Bean

Chlorogenic acid, polyphenols, the green coffee bean extracts contain large amounts of powder is 100%

Wild Mango

Top Topic Material, Wild Mango Seed Extracts 100%