For Nature & Consumer’s Health.

Specialist of Health Functional Food Producer

We produce high quality products with strict hygiene and strict product testing.

Diet Food, Health Food

Provide differentiated products to continuous product development.

Own Brand, Consignment Production

We produce high quality products based on many years of know-how.

From Raw Materials to Finished Products.

The production process from raw materials to finished products directly from healing.

Organic Green Tea Plantation

Koreans are investing 100% organic green tea plantation & Koreans managed

China organic green tea plantation one-million square meter in Tiantai

The operating Organic tea plantation in Tiantai 950 meters above sea level.

Professionalist of Own Brand & Consignment Production

Healing Co.,Ltd. is based on the quality and stable production of products recognized for many companies the know-how and skills learned from 20 years experience, a number of trial and error, safe food, raw materials to make believe that you can eat food imports, from processing to finished production. It has an overall production facility, unique in healing only is convenient, by producing healthy products, production of high-quality raw materials and products in both the enterprise and consumer satisfaction.

  • Management of hygiene during production and processing of raw materials a priority in the workplace and worker, is committed to providing a safe and reliable food.
  • Healing can only creative and striving for continuous improvement in product development and production processes to providing more healthy food.
  • And operating the Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc., so customers can interact more closely with, and reflect the opinions of the customers as much as possible, I will tell you the news of the fastest healing.